30 June 2013

The Real Flower Confetti Company - PLUS Giveaway!!

Today, we would like to introduce to you a company called 'The Real Flower Confetti Company.' The Real Flower Confetti Company is a wonderful business offering, as you might have guessed from the name, a fabulous selection of dried flower petals for use as confetti. From delphiniums to hydrangeas, roses to lavender, they have a great selection to choose from.

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The Real Flower Petal Confetti Co was established in 1997 by Chalres Hudson. He saw petals fall from the bouquet he was carrying for his wife and thought it would be perfect for weddings. He experienced a 'eureka!' moment and the idea for the business was born. 

The Wyke Manor Estate is now the British centre for real flower confetti, and hundreds of thousands of petals are handpicked each summer. Their confetti has been used at the weddings of both celebrities and Royalty. Madonna, Catherine Zeta Jones, Gabby Logan all used their petals for their confetti moment, and William and Harry bought the petals to throw over Charles and Camilla at their wedding. They all chose the Real Flower Confetti Company confetti for it's unique beauty and ability to biodegrade as naturally as blossom. 

Delphiniums and wildflowers are grown on their farm every summer, harvested by hand, naturally air dried and packed by hand. 

They have also made the Record books for this stunning Union Jack Flower Field in 2004. "The world's largest carpet of flowers" - as certified by the Guinness World Records!

* * * * GIVEAWAY! * * * * 

The Real Flower Confetti Company have very kindly given us 5 flower envelopes to give away to our readers. All you have to do is email us at hello@henryandflora.com putting 'Confetti' in the subject line.  1 lucky winner will be drawn at random! We regret that this is only open to UK residents. We'll close the giveaway at 3pm Friday 19th July 2013, and let you know who has been lucky at 6pm that evening!

Enter now for your chance to win!

When the Bride and Groom walk your way, throw some petals and shout, 'hooray'!

Shop online at - http://www.confettidirect.co.uk follow them on Facebook here - www.facebook.com/RealFlowerPetalConfetti ,
and read what they are up to on their blog here - realflowerpetalconfetti.blogspot.co.uk !

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