16 July 2013

DIY - Heart Shaped Sugar Cubes

We have some sweet treats for all your DIY fans out there. A fab ideas for wedding favours, these heart shaped sugar cubes are the cutest thing!

DIY - Heart Shaped Sugar Cubes

They are super simple to make, but look so gorgeous!

DIY - Heart Shaped Sugar Cubes

Gather together all the items you'll need. Let's begin! 

DIY - Heart Shaped Sugar Cubes

1. First off, pour out some regular caster sugar into a bowl. Obviously how much you'll need will depend on how many you want to make, but start off with half a cereal bowl amount - or about 150g.

2. Take your food colouring, and pour a teaspoon into the sugar. Stir it in until it's thoroughly combined. This can actually take a while, so have patience. If you feel like the sugar isn't 'wet' enough to combine the food colour, add a teaspoon of cold water. You want the final texture to be like damp sand. It needs to be even in colour so sticking to smaller batches of sugar will actually make this stage easier.

3. Once you are happy it's evenly coloured, tip it out onto a flat surface. We used a plate to avoid covering the floor with blue sugar!

4. Take the back of a spoon and press the sugar flat. Make it just under 1cm thick.

DIY - Heart Shaped Sugar Cubes

5. Now, take a clean cutter and press it into the sugar. You can get these from cake shops to cut icing and they come in a wide range of shapes.

6. Carefully, lift the cutter out - this requires a delicate touch!

7. With a little tap onto the baking paper, the sugar will pop out. Make sure they are on a flat surface and try to avoid touching them now as they are really delicate.

All that's left is to repeat the process to make as many hearts and as many colours as you need. Leave them in a warm place to go hard, and within 30 minutes, you can gather them into pretty bowls, decant into individual envelopes and give them to your guests! 

DIY - Heart Shaped Sugar Cubes

Here's an idea, why not have a beautiful bowl of them on each table when you give your guests tea and coffee? Or create a little pouch with 2 teabags in and some sugar cubes for your guests to take away with them and enjoy the following day?


Henry and Flora x
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