2 September 2013

Wildflower Favours - PLUS GIVEAWAY!

We must apologise for our lack of blogging recently - we have been busy with our very own wedding and honeymoon! More on that in the next few days... but first, we want to share with you a lovely company called 'Wildflower Favours'.

Wildflower Favours are passionate about wildflowers and weddings! Their favours are created from recycled and ethically produced papers and British wildflower seeds. Their designs range from the traditional and vintage to more elaborate Goth and steampunk, but they all have one eco-friendly aim in mind - to help the UK's endangered wildflowers, bees and butterflies!

These plantable favours are very eco-friendly and so easy that even the most horticulturally challenged of your guests will have no problem planting them! The fact they are embedded with flower seeds means that you and your guests are helping our wildlife as all the seeds are beneficial to butterflies, bees and moths!

They also stock a wide range of seed packets for wedding favours, which is a brilliant alternative to the usual chocolates and so on! The seed packet favours are personalised with your details, or you can design the whole packet at no extra cost. For a more rustic, vintage look their 80% recycled manilla seed packets are excellent! They have lots of unusual, unique and most fabulous designs to add a little bit of personality to your reception decor!

You can shop online here, find them on Facebook here and follow them on Twitter here.

Wildflower Favours

* * * * * GIVEAWAY TIME! * * * * * 

Wildflower Favours

We have 6 gorgeous packets of plantable bird poppy seed favours to giveaway! 

To enter, just email your name and address to hello@henryandflora.com with the subject line Wildflowers’.

PLEASE NOTE: Open to UK residents only! Giveaway closes 11am (GMT) 13th September 2013.

Wildflower Favours

Simply place a bird on top of a pot of compost, cover lightly, water in and leave somewhere warm and light to germinate. Don't allow them to dry out, and soon, you will have a lovely collection of poppies!

Good luck!
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