25 October 2013

Friday Top Five: Moisturisers

Good morning and a happy Friday to you all!

We have a new feature on the blog today - 'Friday Top Five' where we shall showcase five of our favourite products of the week. This time, it's all about moisturisers. 

Alongside the healthy diet and drinking plenty of water, a hydrating moisturiser is essential for keeping your skin at it's best. Not only is a moisturiser essential for keeping your skin supple and radiant looking, hydrated skin will also create a fantastic base for make-up.

Sweep on this soft balm and the benefits are instant! The finish has been created to deliver the optimum amount of sheen and luminosity for a healthy, vibrant glow. It's formulated with a powerful vitamin complex that helps protect against moisture loss, and the scent is a mood enhancing combination of neroli, bergamot and orange.

Our verdict: We loved the smell, although some people who aren't keen on a lot of scent might not. It didn't 'ball' under our fingertips when we applied it, like some balms can. Very light, and left our skin noticeably softer. 

A 6-in-1 'do it all' formulation, this is a light lotion with firming, toning, soothing and rejuvenating benefits. It fights wrinkles and improves elasticity. It smells gorgeous and is light but doesn't sink into the skin too quickly.

Our verdict: A beautifully light and simple moisturiser. Fab price from one of our favourite brands. Great packaging keeps it hygienic too. 

'Glow' to the extremes with this 'vitabead-infused' moisture cream with oxygen and micro-algae for an instant burst of radiance. It's formula provides an explosion of antioxidant vitamin E on contact as vitamin C and three forms of oxygen help deliver beautiful, younger-looking skin.

Our verdict: We were unsure of the beads to begin with, but after gently rubbing the mosituriser into the skin for 30seconds, they disapeared completely. The nest morning, our skin was so soft! It smells great too, well worth spending a little more for such a great result.

This light cream/gel plumps the skin with hydration for 24 hours. Fine lines, flakiness and tightness are diminished, and in their place is a supple and firm skin. Your skin looks and feels happier and healthier after just one 'drink'!

Our verdict: A classic product, we just love the gel like texture of this. It soaks in beautifully, leaving our skin supple and alive. We had comments the next day about how great our skin looked!

With rich wheat germ oil to replenish and revitalise skin, this nourishing cream replenishes moisture levels overnight, when skin is at its most receptive. It leaves skin feeling smooth and soft. A lighter night cream than some, it's fab for younger skin or people not keen on heavy creams.

Our verdict: The cheapest of our selection, this is a fantastic item for the price. The simple formula means it's suited to lots of people's skin type, and we were left with soft skin that didn't get oily half way through the day. 

What's your favourite moisturiser?

H&F xx
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