26 November 2013

This month, we've loved... November 2013

November is nearly through, and we've had such a great month! I cannot believe where this month, or even this year has gone. Time really does fly when you are having fun. Here is a little round up of what  happened this month 

1. We put together sample pieces of our new 'traditional range of wedding stationery. It's a little different to our usual style but we are often asked whether we can create this style for couples so we've decided to make it part of our range! Watch this space for more news!

2. We went to the awards ceremony of the Kent Wedding Awards 2013. We didn't win our category but we are so chuffed to have been nominated, and we had a great evening! 

3. Fireworks night at my parents-in-law house. It was a perfect night for fireworks, nice and chilly but dry and fine. I got some awesome photos of sparklers!

4. We have been married for 3 months now :)

5. I love love love shopping in curiosity shops and finding little vintage gems. This typewriter didn't make it home with me, but only because of the price (it made me cough a bit!) - if it had been a little less, it would have been all mine!

6. Winter is coming, so I can dig out all my winter nail varnishes and wear dark colours again.

7. Winter also means guilt-free comfort eating, and this chicken and mushroom pie Will made was delicious! Looking forward to trying more wintery recipes.

8. We went for a  Sunday stroll in the cold the other weekend, and it was perfect for refreshing our stuffy heads. Fingers crossed for some good weather this weekend for more fresh air.

9. I love the sunsets at this time of the year. You have to take a snap as soon as you see it, because it will be gone in a moment. You could apply that to life really - seize the moment because it will be gone in a flash. (profound for me!)

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